When using your mobile smartphone as a camera or video recorder, it is very useful to know the following guidelines.

1. Smartphone settings:

 – Set your smartphone to its highest resolution and highest frames per second for videos.

 – Put your flash permanently on (Like a torch) whilst taking the video, if possible.

 – Save the file in mp4 format.

 – Be sure to name the photo/video or remember to give the correct description on the order/contact form, before uploading to the dropbox folder.

 2. Location:

 – Use a location that is well lit with defused light, so that there are no shadows.

 – Remember to place mortician backdrop with 3D spacer, when taking a video of a deceased loved one.

 3. Client:

 – Wear light colored clothing, no black shirts should be used.

 – Choose your preferred expression and keep it during the photo or video shoot where applicable.

 – No spectacles, hats, garments or jewelry that will interfere with the head features.

 – Please refrain from wearing makeup that will cause a reflective base.


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