The second method is recording a 60-90 second video of the client in a very easy but specific way.

1. For an achievement trophy or statue, view the two videos below.

Circle the client 3 times, at 3 levels, whilst very steadily taking a video filling up the screen with no off-cuts.

2. For the purpose of a loved one that passed away, you will need to make arrangements with the funeral parlor to take a video on the viewing day.

View the video below.

Remember the morticians backdrop with the 3D spacer (The 3D spacer is any object that can raise the head by 50mm).

Please note

The most important rule to remember is that with both the above applications, is that your smartphone must be kept parallel with the client in a length-wise position, as per both video instructions.

This method can deliver a 60% – 90% recognition value.


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