Frequently Asked Questions

What materials do you use?

Our material philosophy is 100% sustainable and preservation orientated, therefore:

  A) we source kiln dried wood from reputable exotic wood suppliers.

  B) Our modern trophies are carved from a composite material with the same characteristics as wood but with a zero humidity scale.


How do we treat our wooden products to prepare them?

All our wooden products are completed with using the old traditional shoe polish from the tin. Please do not use any liquid polish. Our different colors are made up mixing light and dark brown polish in various variations, be sure not to store your wooden carving in any direct sunlight.


How do you plate your products?

Our products are plated with a relatively modern non-conductive plating method, therefore it is not referred to as electro-plating. Our wooden products are both polished and plated, where the composite material is only plated.


Do you practice fair trade?

Our whole employment stragety resolved around socio-economic upliftment and empowerment. 


Who is your logistics company?

We use a network called Postnet. Postnet as a group contracts to DHL, who is an internationally known courier.

Has the timber been treated for Import/Export (ISPM15 Fumigation)?


All our timber products are sent for ISPM15 Fumigation prior to packaging as required by the department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries. Thereby ensuring safe passage through customs on our side, accompanied by a certificate to this effect.


How much are custom and import duties?
This is payable by the customer as requested by law, specific to the country of residence of the client.


Is your product authentic?

of undisputed origin and not a copy, genuine

The definition speaks for itself, your product is unique to you only, manufactured from the raw data you send to us. Because the carving is, both wood and composite, is completed by hand, there is no exact duplication should you order more.


How does the urn relate to the keepsake?

The small carvings are considered a keepsake. The urn is a larger carving with a bigger cut-out in the bottom. Different crematoriums deliver different size cremain containers.

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